GFC Chimica S.r.l.

Via Marconi, 73
44100 Ferrara

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Tel 0532.773742
Fax 0532.773596

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Lun - Ven: AM 8:30/12:30
PM 13:30/17:30

Analysis laboratory for paints and varnishes

GFC Chimica is located in Ferrara since year 2000.

It aims to be a center of excellence for R&D in the field of coating The company’s main activity is to study, develop, realize and sell products and services in the field of paints and varnishes and in the field of chemicals related to building and industrial materials.


The GFC Chimica laboratory, to date one of the most advanced in Europe for research and development in the field of coating, bases its activity on the characterization and certification of paints and varnishes , with a strong specialization in the building products sector.


GFC Chimica specializes in the production of concentrated pigment pastes and colorimetric services . The goal is not to sell just one product, concentrated paste pigment, but to associate it with a service of color development , creation of formulas, interfacing with tinting machines, etc.

ecopitture italiane

EcoPitture Italiane a brand of GFC Chimica that produces paints to sanitize the environment through silver ions, lime, and nanoparticles. This allows the paint to be given antimicrobial and bactericidal properties . For more information visit the official website:


Alongside the certification activity, the GFC Chimica laboratory has always been active in research and development of innovative products to offer to the market.


Alongside the certification and research and development activities, GFC Chimica , with the aim of becoming a reference point for the science of coating, has developed a program of training courses for technicians in the paints and varnishes sector.

decorative paints and ferrara-design

Special effect decorative paints: a long tradition of constant innovation. For many years GFC Chimica has been developing and producing special effect decorations , both on behalf of some important brands in the sector and for its own Ferrara Design brand. For more information visit:


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